Monday, January 30, 2012

Moments with Max...

Hi everyone, Max here. I haven't posted for a few weeks so thought I would share some more photos with you. This weekend my "peeps" have been around for 3 whole days, it is a holiday weeeknd and it's been great having them around.

I really enjoy playing in the yard with Mum & Dad, although I do sometimes get myself in trouble, like when Mum is hanging the laundry out and I keep on pinching the socks out of the basket. I didn't manage it this weekend cos' Mum caught me with my nose in the basket and she shooed me away.

Here are some pics of my playtime in the backyard over the weekend...

First I have to sit and wait before the toy gets thrown..

You throw the toy and I will bring it back with a smile on my face..

Mum wasn't happy with me getting in the laundry basket..

And we always finish off with a tummy rub ..

See you next time, Max xx


Kay L. Davies

Oh, yes, the tummy rub is the best part, according to Lindy. She will lie down on the path or even on the street while walking with her dad, if she decides her tummy needs a rub.
You are a very handsome fellow, Max, and we're glad you're having a good time with your mum and dad.

Lindy and Kay,
Alberta, Canada

Tatjana Parkacheva

Lovely photos.

Regards and best wishes


Lol Max is so cute. We dog-sit for our neighbors and when we have Sandy she will go looking for clean clothes to lay on. We have a futon that we will fold our clothes up on. It is funny to see go to the futon and see if we have any clothes on it. We have to make sure everything is up when she comes.

Filip Demuinck

Looks like our Golden Retirever, playing and running between our legs.


Costin Comba

it seems to be a happy and healthy dog. have a nice week.


He is adorable! I bet Max and my Ellee would have a great time together!

Little Nan

I LOVE the image of Max in your blog heading! How naughty but so funny! And I enjoyed reading Max's little post about his day! Very busy! Have a lovely weekend! Love Kelly x

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