Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday...

The weather is cloudy, and windy, so this afternoon when we got a little bit of sunshine I grabbed the camera and ran frantically around the garden trying to get some shadows.
I took this shot of some dried grass as black & white, added some texures from Kim Klassen to give it a bit of pizazz and here it is..

Angela xx


Gemma Wiseman

What an artistic, creative image! The humble grass looks very stylish highlighted by its shadow!


A lovely and delicate shadow Angela. I hope the weather cheers up today!


Nice shadow and very well edited, - like:)


nan how wonderful you take Kim's information .. I just signed up yesterday but now I have to get the Photoshop program to be able to do it .. this piece is wonderful !
You did a great job for SSS and textures !

Sylvia K

What a delightful shadow shot for the day, Angela! So crisp and sharp and delicate at the same time! Hope you have a great week!



I really like what you did with that photo - looks great!

I have to laugh when I look at your cute pup in the header photo. Been there, done that!!


i recognize that texture. i Love what you've done with your photo. awesome shadow shot - you go girl!!! let the creative juices flow.

Kay L. Davies

A beautiful piece of art, Angela.


We walk over the grass, never paying much attention as we walk over it. However, you have captured a singular blade of tall grass, and its intricate shape. The style is lovely, the shadowy artistry wonderful as it fallos on the wall or walk. Nice!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Wonderful photography.

Regards and best wishes

Magical Mystical Teacher

Simple things often make the most intriguing shadows!

Threaded Shadows

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