Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Textures Tuesday...

Having discovered Kim Klassens Cafe blog a few months ago, I decided to make adding textures to my photos a project over the Christmas break. After all the weather has been bleak, more like Winter than Summer and what better way to wile away the hours .

So after a few attempts, and a lot of patience from my 'hubby' who taught me the ins and outs of getting the textures onto my photo via photoshop I even plucked up the courage to put a couple of posts onto my blog showing my progress.

Well, today, I have 'bitten the bullet' so to speak and have posted another photo, this time as part of Kim's meme Texture Tuesday. Thank you to Kim,  pop on over to Kim's blog and check out the other particpants.

I used the texture 'Storm' on this photo taken at our beach on a windy, bleak day last week.




You captured it beautifully :)


There is such a wonderful atmosphere in this piece of work . . .lovely. Teresa x


Hi Angela,
Just been catching up on your last few posts as Christmas was just too busy for anything! I love the texture work so far and feel sure it won't take you long to get to grips with photoshop-so many possibilities! I had it for ages and could not do it, despite my Mum's best efforts to show me. Then I did one of Kim's courses-photoshop the skinny and it all became clear!
Congratulations to your daughter on her wedding-I enjoyed seeing your photos. And I am sorry to hear about Joy. She looks like a lovely lady.


Oh I love how the fog and mist is just hanging above the surf. BEautiful.


The Summer Kitchen Girls

I love it Angela! Nice job :) Laughing at your comment....yes, I think she's lovely as well ~ but she does make a lively decoration beside my door - lol!!

I'm Veronica

This shot turned out just lovely!


Ohh, I can feel the mist coming in. But I guess on your side of the world it would be warm, not the bone chilling kind of mist we get here these days :-)

I think your thoughts on word of the year are right to the point. Why not have two? I have two. I think we can make up our own rules :-) I really like the two you have in mind, both separately and together!

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