Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday afternoon beach walk...

It was such a balmy afternoon yesterday that we just had to go for a walk along the beach. I know that I have said this many times before, but I love this beach. It is wild, and can be dangerous if swimmers do not swim between the flags set out by the lifeguards. This time we headed south, where there were less people .

It was difficult to tell where the sky ended and the beach began. The clouds hung low over the surf and the reflection in the sand was amazing.

There are always great things to find, and as the tide was out there were some wonderful things washed up on the sand...

These seed pods littered the beach, I have no idea where they would have come from, this one reminded me of a hand reaching out. I have brought one home to see if I can get it to grow.

This find was alive, each one of the petals had a living being inside, it looked a bit like a snail...

And to finish with, a seaweed necklace...

Have a great week everyone...

Angela xx


Sylvia K

What a great walk and such interesting captures from the beach, Angela! That does indeed look like a hand reaching out of the seed pad! Hope you have a lovely week!



I love exploring the beach, too, but hardly ever get to go there! I just love exploring! Great pictures!!


Wow great pic's.
I'm glad you get to go to the beach so much.


That beach is spectacular, and you're so lucky to have it nearby! What wonderful finds you made! Sometimes it's almost hard to believe what nature can come up with. Those seed pods are unusual, to say the least. Keep us informed about what it grows into! The next one looks a bit like something alien :-) And I just love the seaweed necklace! Superb shots!


I wish I lived near a beach. I love your photos as always. Hope you have a wonderful week.


I so look forward to your photos :)

Pierre BOYER

Lovely walk...
Best regards from France,


A Box of Chocolates

wow i love these beach shots, i love taking them too you're right there is always something to find on the beach these are really interesting i wonder what plat will grow


Fascinating finds!

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