Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fences #25...

 I found this cute wrought iron fence while driving home from work the other day, after I took the shot I looked up and the owner of the house was staring at me out of his window. What did I do, gave him a big smile, and a wave jumped in my car and drove off. I wonder what he was thinking when I left??

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That's really quite an elaborate fence, starting with a concrete base, then bricks, then the wrought iron embedded in the bricks it appears. All those lovely flowers certainly make it even more outstanding.


What a beautiful fence! I sometimes find owners looking at me when we stop to get photos...I am sure they wonder what we are photographing! This is a lovely photo - glad you stopped!


i always wonder what i will do in a situation similar to this ... do you explain what you are doing or just play it off as nothing big?? any one else out there in a similar situation? ha. ha!! (:

Jan n Jer

LOL...caught in the act of "Stealing a Picture" it was well worth it...this is just gorgeous!

Sylvia K

Beautiful fence, lovely flowers and delightful colors!! Doesn't get any better!! What a terrific shot for the day! I love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!



I rather like how permanent this fence looks, being embedded in that base instead of in the ground. And the flowers poking through are lovely.
I would probably hold my hands up (with camera), smile and take a last sniff of the flowers then back away slowly ;)


well, if he's smart, he knows you were admiring how lovely his place is! NICE!


I love the flowers poking through! so pretty

I get odd looks all the time as I take photos on the street, I just smile

The Summer Kitchen Girls

ha! that's a good one! he's got a lovely fence with all of that floral spilling out all over it though!


The owner should not be surprised that photographers are tempted by the beauties blooming on his garden fence. I was fortunate enough to go on a garden tour of both your North and South Islands a few years ago. Amazing variety of plants and garden designs--all uniquely beautiful. Do you know what the blooming plant is?


He'll be watching the noon news for the spring's popping up segment hoping to see his fence and flowers. :)
This was a lovely find. The flowers cascading over and through the fence are beautiful.
Lovely shot!


I will take one of those fences, please. It is adorable, and the flowers popping through add that perfect touch. What a nice springish shot. genie


When I am in a situation like that, I would talk to the owner.

But I say, that is a beautiful fence and the flowers are blooming profusely!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful fence.

Regards and best wishes

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