Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time Traveller...

So, this morning, after I left a comment about Time Travelling on a friends Facebook page,  I got to thinking about who I would like to meet if I was a Time Traveller....

 Would I only choose to meet happy people,who lived in far away places, with a romantic feel, with warm weather and where there would be  no pain and suffering? Not possible, I decided, because pain and suffering is all part of life.

Of course I could have a hugely long list, but I have chosen a few.

MICHELANGELO - The Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Michelangelo was a sculptor, and had to learn how to paint in the technique required to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Although he had many assistants to help him, he did the bulk of the work himself, taking  over four years to paint the over 5,000 feet of frescoes and 300 painted figures. I can't imagine what damage he would have done to his body, and how his back and arms must have ached. I would love to have just been there, looking up watching all that amazing work being done, and being part of that atmosphere with all the noise and smell of paint and plaster.  I'm sure there was a lot of yelling coming from the Master as he worked on the ceiling.

MAHATMA GHANDI - 1869 - 1948   He played an integral part in India gaining independence from Britain. He was a believer in passive resistance, believing that acts of violence only provoked negative reaction.  What would it have been like, travelling around India in the 1940's, watching him as he talked to the peoplewith all the hardship he would have endured , being imprisoned for his beliefs,
A great and humble man..

AMELIA EARHART - 1897 - 1937   The first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic in 1928 and the first person to have flown both oceans. In 1937 she mysteriously disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe from the equator.
What an amazing person to be around, she was passionate about flying and about women being able to do anything. An inspiration.

Famous Quote:    The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune......  Amelia Earhart

An Artist, a Humanitarian and an Adventurer......
Who would you choose to go back in time and meet if you were a Time Traveller?



I'd like to meet Abraham Lincoln


What a great post.
Great question as well.
I liked all your people.
I have no idea who I'd meet.
I'd have to think about it for a while.

Filip Demuinck

I like your picture of the sistine chapel. When we were there it was no longer allowed to take pictures. Pity.



This is one of my favourite questions to ponder Angela! Amongst others Henry VIII-though observe more than meet I think. Picasso and my Nana as a young woman-and also my Grandads as I never met them.


Great post!

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