Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday..

It is now officially Autumn here 'down-under', it is definitely a little cooler and darker in the mornings, I love Autumn and look forward to posting some gold/red shadows when Autumn starts to show it's beauty..
In the meantime, I found this leaf in the lane outside the Physiotherapists this week... I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and am having treatment, poor Max no early morning walks for him for at least another two weeks..  :(

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Gemma Wiseman

Autumn has certainly begun with a vengeance! Beautiful monochrome macro of leaf and shadow shape!


Wonderful capture of the leaf and its shadow!

I like your post about time travel below, too. :)

Sylvia K

What a wonderful shadow shot for the day! I love the texture and the clarity! Hope your weekend is going well!



Very cool photo!
Love your header. LOL


Lovely shadow shot. I hope your ankle is better soon!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful black and white photo.

Regards and best wishes


It is just a solitary dead leaf - and the autumnal season will leave piles of dried leaves all over the place. After the fiery red and yellows fill the trees, that is. For all the color spectacle, some raking is a small price to pay for leafy beauty!


love the leaf, love the black and white, love the texture of the concrete. heal quickly!!!


Gorgeous! Thanks a lot for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday!

Shadow Behind

John McElveen

This is right up my alley--I LOVE IT!!!


Magical Mystical Teacher

I, too, love autumn, and especially autumn's shadows!

Shadowy Yellow Flower


What a beautiful leaf even in black and white ! .. and mostly gray ? LOL
So now it is your turn for the other season .. I hope it is a good one and you can find some colourful leaves to photograph !
Joy : )

The Summer Kitchen Girls

How fast did the season go by seems we were just talking of spring for you! Love the shadow, expecially the texture of the whole shot! Sorry to hear about your ankle! Hope it heals fast for you...and max!!


Beautiful shot, such wonderful contrasts and textures. I love that the background lines are diagonal, and that you chose to post it in black and white! GREAT shot!


cool shot. I like it. :)


I love your shot. I hate it that you hurt your ankle :-(

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