Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Words of Your Life...

  Jeanne over at Collage of Life posed a question a few posts ago here  
if your life was a game of Scrabble what would the words of your life be
It has taken me a few days, but here they are , in no particular order

                                    Family Present and Past
                                    Freshly roasted coffee beans
                                   Summer fruit, especially berries
                                   Pineapple Lumps ( A New Zealand chocolate treat)
                                   Smell of the road in  Summer after it has rained
                                   Laughter and giggles
                                    Emma and Lucca        
                                   Bland Bay, Northland
                                   Beaches in any season
                                          Art Galleries
                                          Auckland Museum
                                          Road Trips
                                 Salt Lake City, Utah
                                 Evette, Stephen andSamantha
                                 Sunsets from our front verandah
                                 Open fire in the Winter
                                Roast Lamb and fresh minted peas
                                          Gee Gee's Restaurant
                               Live, Love, Laugh.....
 And of course I haven't finished yet, this is a list that will never be finished...
What would the words of your life be?


Kay L. Davies

Roast lamb and fresh minted peas...sigh. No one in Canada does lamb like they do Down Under.

Little Nan

I was going to say, easy...DREAM! But then a hundred other words popped up...Sam, Jack, chocolate, beach, laugh, holidays, pajama days on the couch.....I could go on too! Have a lovely weekend! x


I love your list.
Mine would be Family, love, giggles, happy, tired, friend, creative, blessed.

Sylvia K

What a wonderful list! Mine would be, in no particular order, family, friends, laughter, love, joy, nature, Sam Schnauzer. I'm blessed with so many wonderful things in my life!
Hope you've had a great week!


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