Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Fences #26

 Found this little plant poking through a neighbours fence while out for a walk..



Lovely purples and lavenders.

Carole M.

charming fence photograph

Jan n Jer

How's making a statement like, look at me!!! Adds lots of charm to this fence.


I love this sure shows that Mother Nature will go where it needs or wants to go!! Lovely~


Finally!!! Blogger is letting me view posts and leave comments today!! Yesterday, nada goin' for, today I can at least view and leave comments.

This photo is so well composed. I love the rich wood texture along with the soft hues and great contrast of the colors of the flowering plant [I think it's a Lantana]



So pretty. I wonder what kind of plant it is. I love the little purple flowers.

A Wild Thing

Love your autumn pics, yes, spring kinda sneaked up on us, I'm still fearful of what I'm planting, we've been know to have snowstorms in April...ewwww...but I'll enjoy it while it lasts...I need a fireplace, so I can gather firewood to warm the bones in the cool of a morning.

Have a great week friend!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Angela, I thought about you ALL day yesterday! We were in New Jersey and New York City and I found so many cool fences ~ alas I didn't take a picture of ONE of them....can you believe it?!! (because we were walking here and there so fast most likely!!)
Love this little flower finding it's home along the fence ~ such a pretty color as well!!
Do enjoy your week :)


I love the colours of the flower against the fence.


I love this :-)


In search of sunlight no doubt. Beautiful shot, Angela.
cheers :)

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