Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall...

My friend at Life in Red Shoes has just posted on her blog here  and included the quote below..

Red has such a great sense of humour, and always manages to bring a smile to my lips...

So, these images are for you Red, life is all about cute as gumboots  and even cuter umbrellas...

Gumboots, oh so cute, I want the red ones...

And wouldn't you just love to be standing under one of these when you start dancing....

Angela xx

Images from Google images


Sylvia K

Oh, I love these!! And I could surely use one of each on this rainy, chilly day!! Thanks for the smiles to start my day!



ah, I love her too

Life is good!

ah, cute post. i went to lunch with her today, she's a riot! love that girl!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

how could you NOT dance in such fun boots....with an adorable umbrella?!!! Great quote!

Janelle McCulloch

Love those red gumboots. And the quote too!

Janelle McCulloch

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