Thursday, April 29, 2010

1000 Awesome things..

I have to share this will you all. I have found a site called "1000 Awesome things", I subscribed to get their daily emails, and I have been really enjoying the things that they post. I usually check them before I go to work and always end up having a real chuckle.

This morning Awesome thing #518 Napping with someone else...

As soon as I read their take on this, I immediately thought about an awesome thing that happened with Emma and myself when they were here in 2009. One our "Nana and Emma"moments was when it was time for Emma to have a nap in the afternoon, she always wanted to have her nap on Nanna and Poppa's bed, and I always had to lie down with her.

 Off we would go, every afternoon, to lie down and rest. Emma would always lie down and would turn to face me and chat away. Every afternoon, without fail, I would end up asleep before she would. This particular afternoon, as per usual, I was "away with the fairies" in dreamland, all of a sudden I woke up with a start, to find this little person lying there giggling and watching me. "What's the matter Poppet", I said, "Why aren't you asleep?"
Her reply: "I can't sleep Nana, cause you're snoring, and you sound funny"

I was mortified, this is not the image I wanted Emma to have of me. I am Super Cool Nana, who dances and sings, has energy to burn. I leap buildings at a single bound, I draw with chalk on the footpath, I make the best Ham, Cheese and Mayo sandwiches in New Zealand. And to make matters worse Evette had taken photos of Emma talking to me. And here they are. I just love her little face in these photos, it's like we are sharing a big secret.


Evette Mendisabal

That was funny. It hasn't had any lasting effects on her opinion of your "coolness" she still loves the way you sing and dance about!


That's an awesome post.
I was laughing.
Her face is priceless.
It'll be a nice reward to be a grandparent.

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