Saturday, April 24, 2010

ABC of pictures - Letter J

J is for....

Junk drawer. I have no idea, after already cleaning this drawer out, why I have kept some of the things that are in here. Two lipsticks circa 1980, one is the most hideous matte pink, and the other bright red. The fan is a fabric one I have no idea where it came from, but I think I may have bought it
when we were in Malayasia in 1994. There is a toy dog that Emma was given on a trip to McDonalds,when she was here, a Mickey Mouse key ring, a craft punch, heart christmas decoration, buttons and baubles. I'm sure that if I looked in this drawer in another few months it will be be filled with more treasures.

How does your junk drawer compare with mine?


Evette Mendisabal

Yours is a whole lot less full than mine! Hehehe


Mate don't even get me started. I bought two little tubs to hold my junk draw crap in and STILL have a junk drawer in the kitchen.
Why can't I let go of it?
I'll have to face it again in this next move.
Wish me luck man cause I always go into it intending on just THROWING IT ALL OUT and end up buying little tubs so I can extend it even more cause I can't get rid of stupid things.


Hahaha I have about 6 junk draws full of stuff that i never look at


Oh Honey! Mine is overflowing!

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