Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day - 25 April 2010 - Our Remembrance Day

Today, is our day as a nation to remember those who served our nation in times of war.

For our family it is an opportunity for us to remember relatives that fought in both World War I and World War II. To remember and not forget what they have gone through to enable us to enjoy the freedom we have today.

We remember (Phil's) Grandad Dunn, who fought in both WWI and WWII. In WWI he served in the Welsh Fusiliers, and in WWII was with the Essex Regiment. This photo, was taken in 1917, he was just 19 years old. 

We remember also Phil's Dad, now 86, served in the English Merchant Navy during WWII, and how grateful we are that he is still with us today.
Pop was awarded - The British Star 1939-45, The Pacific Star, The France-Germany Star, King & Country Medal.

We remember, that on my side of the family, my father and my Uncle Mick who immigrated to New Zealand from the then Jugoslavia, left behind their younger brother Ivan, and their mother.  My Uncle Ivan's name appears on the memorial in the town of Drvenik. My father gave me a memorial book, before he passed away, with the listing against the towns name that says, (rough translation) Ivan Antin Pervan 1925-1943 (18yrs old) Dalmatinske Brigade.

I cannot imagine how my Grandmother must have felt to have her youngest son killed by the Germans, and her other two sons and husband across the other side of the world. Her grief must have been immense.

Today, at the memorial service in our small town of Waiuku it was great to see the hundreds of people young and old who came to pay their respects.



That's awesome that all those people showed up. Just awesome. My sister gets her family up at 5am to go to the services.
It's good for them to remember, it's good for us to be reminded.

Hot Fudge

What a lovely tribute to your family. I only discovered about a year ago that my great-uncle who was a rifleman in the New Zealand Army (my father was born in New Zealand) was listed as missing in action in France during the First World War.

We are looking forward to arriving in Christchurch on Friday - hope it's not too cold for us softies from Queensland!

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