Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aria MacDonald..Say a prayer for this little girl

If you go to my Blog List you will find the blog for little Aria MacDonald. She and her family are New Zealanders, who are currently in the USA where she has just undergone a liver, bowel, kidney transplant.

I don't know Aria personally, but recently watched a TV programme that talked about this sweet little girls journey through life and her parents love, determination and faith and the hard work they have done to get her to a hospital where she can have life-saving surgery. Aria's family have fundraised, and done everything they can to be able to pay for her trip to the USA and her subsequent surgery.

To date, according to the last post on the blog, Aria is not doing so well. Please, spend a few moments and check out the blog , and say a prayer for Aria.



I can do that.
I hope she does as well as she can.

Evette Mendisabal

We will certainly be praying for her and her family. I can't imagine what it is like. Makes my trials seem trivial doesn't it? Poor family.

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