Sunday, April 11, 2010

Auckland Botanic Gardens - Where ideas grow

Today I took a trip to the Auckland Botanic Gardens, I figured that very soon it will be cold, wet and windy here in New Zealand and I should make the most of the fine weather. The Botanic Gardens are young by world standards, with the development beginning in 1973 and opening to the public in 1982. Covering 156 acres, the gardens include 10 hectares of native forest, Oriental , African , rose, herbal, edible gardens, a childrens garden and a cafe on site. This morning there were families playing together, wedding photos being taken, people walking their dogs, fact all manner of people enjoying the environment, and making the most of the fine weather.

This is part of the Oriental Garden, looking up to the seated area

This statue is called "Butterfly", she is just beautiful .

Fern frond (Koru), when this unfurls it will be a fern leaf.
Part of the African Garden area.

Visit : 

A visit in Spring and Summer will have to be a must.


Evette Mendisabal

Add that to the list of places to take the kids too Mum! They would LOVE it.


did you use the Macro setting I showed you??, Love the Fern shot Mum!!

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