Friday, April 16, 2010

Will you make me chicken soup????

The call that is made by my children whenever they are sick. I have no idea how it started, but it still happens even now when they are all grown-up. From when they were little through their teenage years it was the call that brought hot lemon drinks, tissues, Vicks , and lots of cuddles.These days it is a call for "sympathy" and where possible a "mum hug"

This week it has been my turn, I started feeling out of sorts early in the week, and on Thursday I left work early with a runny nose, sore throat and a killer headache. My call for "Chicken Soup" was sent out to my three children.And true to form the sympathy was abundant, but as they live so far away (eldest daughter on the other side of the world in Salt Lake City, and the younger daughter, and son an hour and half drive away from us) I knew it was up to me to provide my own remedies. Here they are, the helpers who are doing their individual jobs and helping to get me on the road to recovery

Tissues the first "port of call" for a runny nose

An absolute must for any head cold, Manuka Honey , these are snap packs that you open and drink the honey straight from the pack, or mix in with your favourite tea

and of course you just have to drink your tea out of your favourite mug, in my case one of two I got when we visited Universal Studios a few years ago

All of this combined with bed rest and some Panadol , for the headache , will hopefully have me up and about in no time..



I am sorry your not well Ma, I hope that Dad is giving you lots of attention and cooking for you hehehehe.

Love you, get well soon!!


At least you have a pretty tissue box to gaze at feverishly!


Looks like a fix to me.
Hope you feel better soon.


Well the box is pretty:)
And I made chicken soup yesterday, shall I overnight you a nice big bowl?
Hope you feel well soon.

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