Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ABC of pictures - Letter E

E is for- Elephants

Taken at the Auckland Zoo a few years ago, Burma and Kashin in their exercise area. Sadly, Kashin is no longer here, she passed away in August, 2009. A star at the zoo, missed by the keepers and the public, but missed the most by Burma . They were inseparable.

They were both always happy to say" hello" to the public. Burma is still at the zoo.

Kashin arrived at Auckland Zoo in 1972, aged four, and came from Thailand



Man check you out going like grease lightning on this one.
Come on Evette and Sammy girl.........game on.

Evette Mendisabal

Nice one mum! Wait until I get to E and you see my "E is for Elephant" picture!

She is going like greased lightening!! don't panic though, I'll catch up before she knows it! I'm done editting most of my photo's, and my migraine has gone ... after 3 days!

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