Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You know that it's Autumn ...

When the leaves are changing colour all around you

Daylight saving has finished, it's 5.30pm, and when you get home from work the sun is setting lower in
the sky and before you know where you are it is dark

And you definitely know it's Autumn when the family cat decides that it's time to come inside and "hunker" down on her favourite blanket. This is Tammy cat: aka Tim Tam: aka Missy Moo

Or drape herself over the sofa. Winter is on the way, there is a cold blast making it's way from the Antarctic. Time to get the firewood in..



While you're getting ready for cold we're just getting ready for summer.
I have to say IT'S ABOUT TIME.
I LOVE summer but miss the beach.
Good luck this winter, may it be warm and cozy.


It is still so strange to me that things can be so different on the other side of the world?!


Ditto Red Shoes! I was just thinking
our Spring/her Fall and here we are talking like we're next door! The world is definitely shrinking and that's a good thing!


I love it when the cats come in to hibernate, they get all cuddly and keep your feet warm on those cold stormy nights

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