Monday, April 26, 2010

ABC of pictures - Letter K

K is for ....

Kiwifruit. Originally called monkey peach, around 1914 the fruit became available in New Zealand where it was known as the Chinese gooseberry. When it was planned to export the fruit to the USA the name was a problem, mainly because it did not look like other goose berrries. As a result in 1959 the decision was made to give the hairy, brown fruit another name. The name was accepted worldwide, and the Kiwifruit became a huge export product for New Zealand.

Autumn is the season for kiwifruit, and I love them.



Hi! thanks for visiting me..and for leaving a comment...made my day!
I love the old name of this fruit little granddaughter's favorite....but thanks to you I shall call it by its original name ..monkey fruit...She'll love that!


Man that is so interesting. I never new that.
I love it.

Evette Mendisabal

I didn't know that Mum!! You're a wealth of useless information! LOL Joking!!

Evette Mendisabal

ps GREEN mum, always GREEN eyes! Go back and click on the picture to make it bigger and you'll be able to see. I didn't mess around with them in photoshop if you're wondering ... only the big black bags UNDER my eyes! ;O)

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