Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC of pictures - Letter F

F -  is for Faces  


These are my very special and wonderful " in-laws", Joy and Phil Dunn, married for 53 years, and still full of fun. The faces of the older generation, every line on their face a story of life's experiences.... always there for us when we need them..    


the face of pure joy, relieved that he has finished the 35 lap Motocross race without falling off. First time back on his bike in six months. Stephen, son, brother, uncle. He was very happy to be back on his bike again...

 last but not least, the face that is so ugly you just have to love it. Our Boxer, Beau, with his under-bite jaw, and sloppy chops. Sadly no longer with us, but always our "Oopie Choopie"

Faces be they old or young, happy or sad every one with a story to tell.


Evette Mendisabal

VERY cool idea for faces Mum ... and special faces they are too!


Awesome mum the pic of Beau dog made me a little teary

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