Monday, September 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday..

Check out the link below to see the other participants, come and join us for some photography fun..

Here are my photos for this week:

1.    Landscape

Part of One Tree Hill, Auckland, looking up towards the summit. This is one of the volcanic craters, the volcanoe having erupted some 20,000 years ago. I love this park, it brings back memories of my childhood as this is the area where I grew up..

2. Power Lines

3. Newspaper

This is our national morning newspaper, "The New Zealand Herald."Today ( Monday) edition.

4. Pose
This is our Aunty Eileen's dog. He was practising his poses..

5. Hobby

This was from my archives, and was taken by my hubby . Other than photography, my other hobby is Taekwon-do. I have been training and instructing for 15years, and am a 2nd degree Black Belt. This was taken a few years ago when the Masters came out to New Zealand and took the Black Belts for a weekend seminar.

Thanks Ashley for hosting and keeping us all motivated.



Interesting selection! Shame about one tree hill(I read below) It looks lovely there though. THere are two one tree hills in this area, one in Greenwich park and the other in some woods with lots of trees. I am impressed by your black belt status!


Wow that is awesome about your black belt. I love your posed shot.


I love that landscape! I've always wanted to visit NZ. And the power line photo is lovely too.

Linda Robinson

These are some great shots.. I also love your pose shot.. How cool that you are a black belt.. Hope you have a great day..
Hugs, Linda

Ashley Sisk

These are great shots - I love your pose cute. And that's pretty cool that you're a black belt. I hope you have a great week!

Nancy E

Love your landscape and powerline shots... :)
Trying to get my son into karate. Hopefully this winter. He really liked camp this summer. :)
thanks for sharing!


Reading Allowed

I love your landscape shot, it looks so different from anything I could find around here!

and the dachshund is adorable!

The Frat Pack + Me

love the pose shot! Too cute!


This is great Angela! I love your photo collection and your photograph at the end. Have you written about how you got involved with Taekwon-do? Would love to hear about that one. Can you let me know when you do?? Great to see the paper again. I read it online nearly every is nice to see it in print again.

I miss my morning dose of Paul Henry on the Morning Breakfast show...has he misbehaved lately?

Best wishes....

Jeanne :)


Well look at you! A woman of so many talents :)


great shots! I love the pose shot, what a sweet and cute doggy!


You are such an interesting, active gal! The first photo just needs a couple of sheep, to make it perfect for me!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hi Angela...enjoyed your pictures (love Aunt Elieen's dog's pose!!) but I wanted to let you know how excited my son was to see your hobby pic last night...he is at the end his first year of Taekwondo and is a yellow belt, so he wanted to know all about your picture :)
Enjoy your day!!

Luna Miranda

beautiful panorama. i love the first photo...dramatic.

Manang Kim

Very beautiful scene. Love it!
Scaly sky


What a beautiful view of the volcanoe, Auckland Harbour and the magnificent Sky Tower.
I can see why One Tree Hill is one of your favorite places, its gorgeous up there. Someone should plant a new tree on the hill.


I enjoy looking at photos of New Zealand ... always trying to find a way to return. I have toured the North Island, but not the South.

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