Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Samantha and I had a great day last Friday, spending time together with our cameras at one of our all time favourite parts of Auckland. One Tree Hill, and the adjacent Cornwall Park,  are icons of both Auckland and New Zealand, it is one of the largest volcanoes in the Auckland volcanic field. Three large volcanic craters were formed when it erupted about 20,000 years ago...

One Tree Hill lost the lone tree that stood on the top  a few years ago, when it was destroyed with a chain saw, by an activist and was unable to be saved due to the severity of the destruction. This shot is taken from one of the craters, with the targets from the archery club on the right hand side.

The archery targets, casting shadows,  waiting for the season to begin..

This building is made of scoria, the rocks were thrown up by the volcano when it erupted, and over the years the rocks have been used to build rock walls, and several buildings throughout the park.

One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park are very special to me, as a child, I lived about 30minutes by foot from here and would spend most of my Summer school holidays here with my siblings. I can't imagine children today being allowed to walk on their own to a park, let alone spend the day alone without adult supervision...

Have a great week everyone..


Sweet Repose & Junk Revival

It is a sad state of affairs in this world today, so much violence and hatred, amid the beauty of Nature, we should be rejoicing, so sad about the tree!

Have a great week ahead, start enjoying that springtime! As fall hastens to my part of the world, I'm sitting here listening to the coyote in the fields across from my home, such a primal sound and it's driving every ones dogs crazy, but I love the sound in the silence of the evening!



What an interesting place! I especially like the composition of the top photo of the hill.

Interesting post. I've never heard of scoria.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hi Angela! We agree...we could play in the park all day, how sad that we have to follow our kids around and make sure they are safe! Pretty cool shadows - my daughter is in an archery club, she'd love to have such a pretty place to shoot!

Have a great weekend!
-Love your second sky watch picture as well!


Hi Angela, I too love One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park so enjoyed seeing your photos, great shadows. It hasn't been a good few weeks for shadows, I am looking forward to some sunny days.

Hey Harriet

I do enjoy seeing the beauty of NZ through your eyes. More and more I just want to jump on a plane & visit your beautful country! Hope you have a great week ahead :)


Those are wonderful shadows! Very sad to hear about the chainsawed tree, though :(
On a happier note, I'm pleased to tell you that here in Israel, my kids walk to the park alone with no fear! Here's hoping that your neighborhood soon comes back to that too!


Good Morning Angela,
I love that first picture and how the grass looks like a green velvet blanket spread over the hillside! I'm sad for our world and the changes for the worse that we have seen in the last half a century.


That is so sad to have lost that tree. Activist or not, it just seems selfish. The structure made of scoria nestled in the hillside makes for a great shot. I love to read of sites from other countries.

Thank you for visiting and for your comments!

The Clip Cafe

I love your pics! Those rock buildings just delightful! :-)


It is a mystery to me why, in the name of a cause, someone would destroy a tree...the more so when I consider how many activists here in the States would protect a tree with their life. I disagree with both extremes!
I can imagine your freedom to safely go to this park as a child, as I had the same freedoms when a child. It is a shame so much has changed for the worse.


very nice shots the first one of the hill.


beautiful photos. i hope one day to be able to visit new zealand. i love how lush and green it looks, and i love that things were built with the volcanic rock. i also really like those red shoes a few posts back! very cute.



It's so true, who'd let their kids walk 30 mins and play at a park by themselves?
So sad.
I love these shots.
It was great talking the other day.
Love you


I love your shots. At first I thought it was your landscape picture. You're not playing this week? Nonetheless they are beautiful.

Judy Sheldon-Walker

I was struck by sadness at the loss of the tree. How senseless! Lovely shadows.


That little stone house is kinda spooky! What a wonderful place to visit...someday!


Great shadows shots. It is a beautiful place.

Lisa's RetroStyle

Beautiful photos!

I think of that sometimes much independence we had as children and how little the children of today have...sad to me.


great pics n i m inspired by u :)

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