Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Journal - Journal Entry One

" Friday Journal" has been started by Evette's  BFF , and my No #3 daughter, Melissa. Melissa is a Kiwi who lives in Utah, she has a wonderful husband and three beautiful children.

 Thanks Melissa for encouraging us to start our Journal.

  This week the theme is:

Where were you born? What was it like then?

I was born on 4th June 1952 in Palmerston North, a small city back then just north of Wellington. In the North Island of New Zealand. Probably the biggest thing that was happening in Palmerston North that year was that it celebrated it's 75th Jubilee, and of course I was born.

 This is the card that was on my basssinette in the hospital. As you can see I didn't have a name straight away. My full name was Angela Faith Pervan, and I am the second of a family of four. Two sisters and a brother.

 This is my christening photo, I was christened in the Catholic Church in Palmerston North.

 My fathers name was Steve ( Stipe) Pervan and he immigrated from what we now know as Croatia when he was thirteen.
My mothers name, is Annie Jean, and her maiden name was Klinac. Her parents also both immigrated from Croatia.

My grandparents owned and operated a Hotel and all the family contributed to its running in some way. Palmerston North was what I would call a "One horse town" back then with the main railway line running through the middle of the town, the railway station was very close to where the hotel was.

We left Palmerston North when I was about 7years old....



Man I love that you added these photo's and you have your original card from the hospital.
Great history as well.
Do you remember much about the Hotel?

Thanks for participating and for your love.

Evette Mendisabal

Mum, it's so cool that you have your name card from your bassinette. You were a tiny thing then too mum.

Love you!


That is so neat that the card was saved and you have that darling christening picture!!!

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