Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Pics for September..

On the last day of each month I go back through my folder and choose four photos from the month that have not been posted on my blog, and that may be of interest .

 Native tree fern with leaf about to unfurl, note all the babies on the leaf..

This Chevy Impala is owned by a young guy that works across the road from work. I can't wait for the day he brings it to work with the roof down..
 This was taken after the huge storm we had a few weeks ago, the wind was blowing all the foam onto the sand..

Silhouette of some young guys who had just finished riding their motorbikes on the beach as the sun was setting.



these are refreshing shots.

ain't for city gals

I love the third one..beautiful!


Gosh I love these.
I LOVE the first and last one.
You're awesome.

Ashley Sisk

Those last two are my favorite. Love them.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Never, ever have we seen fern fronds like's huge! That is a good idea to share pictures from each month - gives you a chance to show us favorites that didn't fit into a blog've given us an idea :)
"See" you this weekend!
Karla & Karrie


That is a gorgeous sunset shot. The golden glow reflecting on the evening clouds looks heavenly.

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