Monday, September 6, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hope you have all enjoyed a great week and long weekend. Here are my pics for this week...

1. Red....   I love Red, in my house as an accent colour, in nature, and best of all in my clothing. I received a catalogue from my favourite shoe company and these are a must for me for this Summer..

Red, wedge heeled sandals, love them...

2. Homespace... I love to read and these are just some of my books together with family photos

3. Fence.. . This is the fence around what was a used car dealership....

4. Rock..taken at a local waterfall, this rock was sitting in the middle of the beach..

5. Sharp...Road sign showing Sharp Bend, reduce speed to 75kmh, from 100kmh

Check out the link below and see other participants, and join us



I love the rock photo, it's kind of heart shaped! And I love your interpretation of sharp, very clever!


Thanks for stopping by! Those shoes sure are cute! You know I don't own a single pair of shoes with a wedge heal. I guess I'm a bit behind the times! I see you are from New Zealand. I was born near there in the jungles of New Guinea! ~ Blessings!

Ashley Sisk

These are great - love the fence shot. Have a great week.


How cute are those shoes!


I love red and those shoes as well.


what a great rock! It looks like a heart! I also really like the lines in your fence shot. (and I want those shoes, too)


Sending you Red Shoe love:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

those shoes are so very cool...too cool for fall coming up...anything a little less breezy?!!!
Love the rock picture as well!

Nancy E

Cutie shoes for sure! :) The fence shot is my favorite. Nice job --- love playing this scavenger hunt game! :)

Here are mine:

Beverley Baird

This meme is new to me. Sounds like a lot of fun! I think I'll try for next week (so the list Ashley posted -landscpe, power lines etc. are due by next Sun.?)

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