Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Pics from August...

Here they are, some pics I have taken over the month and not posted on my blog until now.   Hope you enjoy them .

This was taken last weekend, at the beach down the end of our town. I love the way that he has crossed his wings, and his feet are splayed out. The only reason I got so close was because the wind was blowing on shore and he couldn't hear me.
Went to the Auckland Zoo, and the tiger was awesome. Reaching into his pond and pulling out this buoy with his teeth.
Beautiful Magnolia blossom, I love the soft pink colours.

Taken at Hamilton Gardens, few weeks ago. Archway through from the Renaissance Garden
Three in a row,  where the trains live at Pukekohe train station.



Your pictures today are just great!
Love the pink Magnolia! Funny how the tiger is pulling that buoy out.


I've got wedding pictures in that archway in Hamilton as well.
Great shots girl.


I love all these shots-the way the bird is standing is really sweet, the tiger is beautiful and the magnolia too. I always like to see a foreign train too!
Personally I love foxes, but they are not liked by a lot of people. Fox hunting has been banned for quite a while now but foxes are not protected-I don't think-you have made me wonder. There have been a couple of recent incidents involving foxes going into houses and one in particular where two babies were hurt. There are tons of urban foxes and a lot of them are very mangy and sorry for themselves. We once had a fox come upstairs into our flat who was not at all well. I realize I should have written an email but it is too late now!


stunning images,
love them because they are cute.

Evette Mendisabal

Love the way that seagull is crossing it's wins and it's webbed feet are sticking out! Classic!!
I can't get over how different the archway is at the Hamilton Gardens, So much more growth.
These are all great shots Mum! Nice work.

Ashley Sisk

I'm glad you had an opportunity to share some of these photos. They are really lovely. Hope you have a great night!

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