Friday, September 17, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Check out the link to see other great shots:

 These were taken last week, I spent the day with No 2 daughter, and we went into Auckland, to One Tree Hill, one of my favourite places.

Unfortunately there is no longer a tree at the top of One Tree Hill.

The view from the summit, looking towards Rangitoto Island, a dormant volcanoe, that lies in the middle of Auckland Harbour. The clouds were just hanging over a morning that started with a bit of mist.

Auckland City , showing the Sky Tower and the CBD.



The tower reminds me of the post office tower in London. I like buildings like that.


I really like that first picture showing the sheep. The tower reminds me of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. Happy Weekend!

Ashley Sisk

I really like that second shot - it's beautiful.


Love it.
Great sky watching.

EG Wow

Auckland has a lovely skyline. I very much like the silhouetes in the first photo.

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