Friday, September 3, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Check out the link to see other great shots:

 As I sit here, about to put up my images for the week, it is pouring with rain, windy, cold and I am just waiting for the thunder and lightning to begin. Although it is officially Spring, we are a long way from experiencing warm, sunny days. After all, Auckland has the reputation for being the city in New Zealand where you can  get four seasons in one day. Weather man tells us that this Spring is going to be very wet...
Taken last weekend, full tide at the beach down the road from our house.

Monday night, on my way home, it was 6.00pm and the sun was just setting. The colour of the clouds was all "peaches and cream" looking.

Tonight, Friday night, at 5.30pm the sky got darker and darker.
Looks like we are in for a rough night weather wise tonight.


Hot Fudge

Thanks so much for your good wishes on my blog. You have certainly taken some beautiful cloud shots - it must be a beautiful part of the world.

I don't suppose you want to hear that it was 28 degrees here today? Have a wonderful weekend.



The Summer Kitchen Girls

Angela, your "peaches & cream" cloud shot is beautiful! It's raining today...a welcome mist at the moment - enjoy your part of the world today :)


Hi Angela! These are wonderful pictures of your sky! It must be nice to live so close to water! Sky pictures made over a body of water are twice as good as those made over a field!

Everyday Goddess

took me by surprise a bit when i read spring, i'm on the east coast of the US and so thinking about fall!

i love when that mixed up time/season thing happens in blog land where there is no time or season.

the next step is for us all to admit that we are all sharing the same moment no matter where we live!


Yeah but it's still so beautiful.

Sweet Repose

Your weather looks and feels much like ours today, sunny, cold and windy...Mark Twain always said about Iowa...If ya don't like the weather today, stick around, it'll be different tomorrow!

Autumn is definitely in the air now, you can feel the air drying out, as the leaves are really starting to turn, down in the upper 40's tonight, that oughta turn a bunch of them!

See ya at SSS!


Ashley Sisk

I always love your sky shots - have a great weekend.


I was worried about you when I heard about the earthquake! I know New Zealand is a huge country, so I hope you haven't been affected! I will admit I haven't looked on a map to see where you are in relation to Queensland : )
take care!


Lovely, lovely photos. You are heading into Spring. We are heading into Fall. Those are my two favorites seasons.

Sweet Repose

Such stunning flowers, soon ours will be dropping all of it's giant leathery leaves...alas, summer is in it's death march...have a great Spring...lucky duck!!!

Evette Mendisabal

I LOVE the peaches and cream shot Mum, your description of it is perfect.

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