Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

I love going down to the beach after a big storm, so yesterday late afternoon we drove down to see what was going on. We have had three days of what has been called a "Weather Beast". Rain, howling wind, thunder and lightning.

This huge tree trunk has appeared over the last two weeks, it wasn't here on our last visit. It must have washed up on the beach as the fence is not broken.



I love our wild west coast; wonderful photo. We certainly have had wild weather, we were at a wedding in Hamilton during the storm on Friday night which was quite an experience!


Wow that's impressive-it must have been a big storm! Would you mind if I printed a copy of your picture for my beach combing journal-I know this could not be beach combed but it is in line with the general theme!


Oh-and I love the term 'weather beast'!


All the bad weather you've been getting I'm so glad you are OK & finding some sun!! Great shadow.


Hi! I found your blog through Ramblings and Photos and I'm so glad I did! Your pix are flipping amazing! Gorgeous!

I am having a photo challenge over at my blog, and I would love if you could stop by and check it out! And hopefully enter it if you can!



Wow..that is a find Angela. Great shot. Where along the coast are you? Hope the 'weather beast' has moved on!

jeanne :)

Evette Mendisabal

Wowza, it's crazy that it washed up on the beach. It's huge!! Awesome shadow!!

Hey Harriet

Wow! The weather must have been wild crazy mad to have managed that! An impressive shadow shot it makes! Hope you have a great week. One filled with nicer weather :)


Nice shadow shot! I love to walk the beach and see what all may have washed ashore! Once I found a note in a bottle.


weather beast indeed!!
the tree looks a bit like a beast
great shot

I stopped at the other blog - those macro shots are amazing! :)

Ashley Sisk

That's a wonderful shadow and what an interesting tree.


wow...very cool. nature...gotta love it's mystery.


What an excellent shot. The shadow itself is almost lost in the dark sand. Almost, being the operative word, the bare glimpse of it really engages the viewer.


The ocean is so huge, it's amazing to think of what could be washed up aye.
Great shot.


Given the stormy weather we have been having I am not surprised that something as massive as this has washed ashore. Great Capture Mum

urban muser

must have been quite a storm. great shot.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

We're wondering what else washed up if that tree did....zeesh!! Weather best indeed!!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Cool shot. Is the beach of black sand?


The fury of nature is beyond bounds - here, the power and force of the sea tossed this tree as if it was a matchstick. Yet nature is so delicate, it stopped just before smashing the fence, as if the force became tired of it all and retreated back to the seas. This is wonderful capture (and happy the weather is not so furious any more)

Beverley Baird

what a massive tree to be uprooted! Great shadows for the day!


these are lovely shots, love your dream ones especially


Wow these are great. I really love the first one.

Linda Robinson

Great photos... Of course I just love the beach, those are my favorite...


That is quite the big chunk, isn't it! Must have been some storm. (Well, it does create an interesting shadow for us!!) Thanks for stopping by...


i hope to pick up the scavenger hunt next weekend. new zealand is SO beautiful. you make me want to go even more. absolutely loving the 1st two pictures.

EG Wow

This is a wonderful shadoe of the fallen tree!

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