Monday, September 27, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

 It's that time again, here are my photos for this week.

1. Miniature..

 2. Water droplet.. After a shower of rain..

 3. Bedhead..Not quite, but almost, my granddaughter , Emma, after a long flight from Salt Lake City to Auckland New Zealand. Taken by my daughter, Evette in 2009(from my archives). I love the hard hat.

 4. Colourful.. Blokarts racing

 5. Eyes. One of my daughters dolls, that resides in storage at our house.

 Thanks Ashley for hosting us..



I love the motorbike shot! And the water droplets! The doll eyes are cool too, great photos!


Great shots and a fun meme to join in I should think. Love the one of your granddaughter in her hard hat, and also the doll's eyes.


Did you crochet that blanket? She is sleeping so soundly. All because of the comfy blanket?

Wasn't today a glorious day? I did so much washing.


Great shots, I love the motorbike, it would be so cool in real size:)
If you love taking photos and flowers why not join Flowers on Saturday :)
I hope to see your entry soon
have a lovely day!
I'm your new follower I have to come back and see more cool photos like the one - Taekwon-do:)

Ashley Sisk

These are all so good...I love your colorful photo...I don't think we have that here so that's pretty cool. I also love the bedhead shot - the hard hat is pretty funny. Have a great week!


My mum has that same bed that Emma's sleeping on.
Masaru slept on it when we lived in NZ for the 6 months.
Love it.


Great photos!! Your comment on Dorothy's blog caught my eye because my husband and I are Nana and Poppa to our 4 grands!


Nice job! I'd be tuckered out, too from that long of a flight!!


Great job on the miniature!


Love your selections!! THe bedhead is precious! The water droplets look sort of like the ones I posted!!!


Where did you learn to take photos like this?

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