Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flowers on Saturday.. What it should have looked like..

 Last night I had a major "Nana Moment" ( refer my previous post), so I thought I should redeem myself and put up the photo and the reference, that I managed to forget about.

Ewa at-   has a meme each week called Flowers on Saturday, and I thought that as it ended on Tuesday GMT, last night gave me a good opportunity to post something for the first time.

And here it is. I love roses, especially white roses, and have a few standard rose bushes in our front garden. They usually flower in November through to March each Summer. Last night when I got home, I saw this lone flower on one of the bushes, and just had to take a photo of it. It has survived the strongest winds, rain and sleet. Sadly, tonight when I got home all the petals had fallen off.

Another six weeks and the roses will be in full bloom, I can hardly wait.



They are absolutely beautiful roses! The white makes them look so lovely and elegant.


Lovely pictures of a perfect white rose!!! Hope you are having a great day!


I'm glad you got the shot before it all blew away.
I'm sure this flower appreciates that you captured it's sweet, beautiful, short life.
But that's what photography is all about right?
Capturing a moment that might not happen again.
Great job.
Worth the wait and the 'nana' moment ;)

Can't wait to see the roses.
Mum ALWAYS had roses in her garden and loved them as well and taught us a little about how to look after them.


Ha ha-a nana moment! Maybe you are just tired rather than old!
I love those rose pictures-so beautiful! We still have roses on the bushes at work-we have some amazing pink beautifully scented ones and some lovely white ones too. They are nearly over though boo hoo!


I love white roses, too and especially love the blowsy ones like these! so pretty!


love your flowers.

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