Friday, August 20, 2010

Magpie Tale #28

This is a prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at:

    Pam's Birthday Pamper....

Pam lay in the bath, a glass of chilled white wine in her hand. She wriggled her manicured toes with pleasure as she took in the soft glow of the candles that were burning on the window sill and breathed in deeply an aroma of lavender that wafted over her. What a great birthday it had been.

Tom, her husband, had promised her a pamper day for her 50th birthday and he certainly hadn't disappointed her. It was her choice, there was to be no party - all she wanted was to have a relaxing day and a quiet dinner, just the two of them.

The day had started with breakfast in bed, followed by a pedicure and manicure at her favourite beauty salon. Having met Tom for lunch and then taken in an afternoon movie they had both been wanting to see left Pam feeling very pampered indeed. But it didn't end there.

When they arrived home, Tom insisted on running her a bath, complete with lavender bubbles, candles and a glass of white wine. His instructions to her were very clear. She was to go upstairs and enjoy the bath he had drawn, while he went downstairs and organised dinner. Pam had no problem with the idea of the bath, but the thought of Tom organising dinner was a concern, he was a hopeless cook.

Pam wrapped her toes around the hot tap, and filled the bath up with more water. She lay there thinking about dinner, and try as she might, she could not get the thought of Tom in the kitchen out of her head. The last time Tom had attempted to cook it was a disaster, and they were very lucky that the fire extinguisher had worked and that the kitchen walls were not too badly damaged, although the curtains were completely ruined.

It was no good, she let out a sigh, sipped her wine and started to get out of the bath. "My fingers and toes are all wrinkly anyway, so I may as well get out and see if I can help downstairs." Wrapping her new bath towel around her, she made her way downstairs.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she was suddenly aware that there was not a lot of cooking sounds coming from the kitchen. In fact she couldn't even smell anything cooking. She pushed the kitchen door open, and stood frozen in the doorway. A scream came from her mouth and her hands flew up to her face in shock.

"S-U-R PRISE!!" her family and friends shouted.

Surprise indeed, as the towel fell from around Pam, and she stood in the kitchen stark naked.



HOW FUN!!!!! SURPRISE indeed.


Cute surprise! How many husbands would think to pull that one off??


Oh dear, fun read, ok I am really going to remember that one if my husband suggests cooking for me, lovely story.

Evette Mendisabal



What a great story! Is this something that has happened to you? :)


That's awesome.


Your comment on my blog made me feel a little better about Summer's leaving. As long as I know I'm sending it your way, I'm happy! My loss is your gain, enjoy it! and keep writing!


Glad to see you in magpie tale team..

excellent job!


Oh no-what a nightmare end to a lovely birthday!


oh what a surprise indeed…i mean with good friends and may have a good laugh about it in the end…after the first shock...

my magpie is here

Brian Miller

and i imagine she will never forget it...haha...nor agpie!

my magpie


Hee-hee!! This is wonderful!!


I'm all for more well-written humor in the Magpies. Congratulations.


Well I dare say that was a surprise, and not what she had expected. I wonder if, in addition to being embarrassed, was she annoyed that her quiet evening was now a party? Nice story for us, maybe not so for the naked lady.

Vicki Lane

I knew there was a reason I hate surprise parties!

Well-executed Magpie!




Oh dear ..but who got the biggest surprise ;-) This is well written.


Oops! Fun story!


Oh, you are too hysterical. I loved your magpie and it gave me a wonderfully hearty laugh which I sorely needed right now. I have too many glum days since my nursing position of 21 years ended in budget cuts 18 months ago. Bless you!!!

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