Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Yesterday we travelled to Hamilton City, an hours drive from our home,  my MIL is spending a week with her sister, who is recently widowed and lives in Hamilton.  I have been wanting to visit the Hamilton Gardens for months and yesterday was an opportunity not to be missed. The gardens are amazing, even in early Spring, these are just a few of the pics taken from the themed gardens. You can visit Hamilton Gardens on the link below :

It was nice to have some sunshine for awhile so that I could get some shadow shots.

The buds starting to form on what looks like a Wisteria vine. This was taken in the Renaissance Room at the gardens, the photo below shows what the bottom area of the garden looks like from the terrace where this photos was taken.

And then looking up from this area up to the terrace.The Renaissance garden holds special memories for our family as this is where Evette and Jared had their wedding photos taken in 2001.



Very interesting Shadow Shots! Is it about a month until Spring?

Sylvia K

What a lovely place and what a beautiful day! Your shadow shots are superb! Do love that sunshine and wonderful skies! Hope your weekend is going well, Angela! Enjoy!


The Summer Kitchen Girls

What neat shots today Angela - loved the one of walking through the pergola, then we saw that vine - it's a fantastic shot - very cool!!
Happy SSS!


I couldn't think of a nicer place to take shadow shots, I love those gardens. Your photos are lovely.


I love these photos - the blue arch #1. Hope the sunshine continues.


The entryway to the gardens, and a bit formal at the entry - but there is no roof so we are drenched with sunlight. I would say that the gardens are my (American) idea of a stylish English manor house with gardens that suit that grand design. Lovely indeed!

Lisa's RetroStyle

What beautiful gardens! So many lovely SSs...I especially like the Wisteria vine shot...really nice!

Tom Hilton

Nice--great shadows! I think the vine is my favorite. Lovely gardens.

Sweet Repose

WOW, what a fun trip...all beautiful shots in the sunshine. Soon it'll be Spring for you and you'll have to listen to all of us whine about the snow...can I start whining now, I know it's coming...argh!!!

EG Wow

The garden is pretty even in winter! The shadows are gorgeous!


These beautiful gardens offered you some interesting shadows. Looks like a pleasant afternoon.

I also love the daffodils post. So pretty and I enjoyed reading the poem.

Thanks for stopping by!


Love all your shadows. It's a beautiful place to visit.


Awwwwwwww Dru and I got pic's there on our wedding day.
Great shadow shots man.


amazing. The first shot is gorgeous.

Thanks for the visit

Paula Scott

Another nice round of shots from you! Some of them, the weather looks cold which sort of jars my senses as it has been unbearably hot here.

Evette Mendisabal

Awesome shots Ma! I'm glad you had a great day there and that the weather was fine for you. It always was a really pretty place to be, and it certainly has changed over the past few years.


Wonderful ShadowShots! Enjoyed your other posts too. Those daffodils are fab!

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