Monday, August 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday..

 Here is my contribution for this week..

 1) Bokeh  - I'm afraid that my amateur photography status, and time did not make this one possible.

2) Business

 The Glenbrook Steel Mill is the biggest business in our area. It employs aprox 1200 people, the majority of whom live in our town. So for us, the steel mill is a very important business, and generates a huge amount of income for all the smaller business around our area.

3) Eco-friendly

 The Glenbrook Steel Mill, is an amazing complex that has it's own Environmental Department. It is the job of the staff of this department to make sure that the surrounding farmland, beaches, schools and homes are in no way affected by the Mill. The staff spend a great deal of time testing the soil and water The smoke that comes from the chimneys is not smoke but is steam.

 4) Repitition

  The steel support beams holding up the roof of the old Pukekohe Railway Station. On the other side of the building the supports had these unusual rings .

5) Music ( taken from my archives)

 These are part of a display of instruments at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Taken last month.

 Thanks for hosting Ashley.    Join us for next weeks Scavenger Hunt. Click on the link below to see what other Scavenger Hunt participants have done.



Just love that music shot with the shadows :-)


I love your repetition shots


I agree with Sieversten! The shadows behind the instruments in the music shots are great! Gives it lots of depth! I am a new follower to your blog (you can join me if you'd like) and by the way thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Have a great week!

Ashley Sisk

I love how you used the steel mill throughout and told a story...and gave us a little lesson. Very informative. Also, great shots! Have a great week!


You did a good job with this! I wanted to do this but chickened out!

Evette Mendisabal

NICE Mum!! I love how you linked everything with the theme.

Amber Ellen

Great finds! Love your repetition and music captures.


love your repitition shots.

are you shooting with a dlsr? if so, bokeh is pretty easy to do. week 1 in this two peas course talks about aperture and how to do a bokeh (blurry background).


Wow I really like the train station shots.
Good stuff.

Stafford Ray

Train stations there and here (Oz) seemed to leave room for a bit of art.
One question and I will return to see the answer, unless you want to tell me at my place: were the violins taken to war by service personnel and brought back with their bodies?

Stafford Ray

Thanks for visiting! Why I asked about possibel connections between the violins and fallen Anzas was that they are exhibited in the War Museum... I dokn't know any stories about instruments and soldiers except fot the one that made news here a week or two ago about the mad Scott who marched up and down the beaches of Normandy in full view of the Germans playing the bagpipes! They didn't shoot him, they said later, becase they thought he was mad.

I think he was probably doing more harm to those whose ears were closer to the source! Anyway he made news again because he died at a very old age, peaceful, but probably deaf!

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