Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mama Heart's Photo Challenge

I have been introduced to this great blog that is going to be hosting a different photo challenge each week. (See the link button at the end of this blog!!!)

Thanks Ashley for introducing this to me, you can visit Ashley over at

This weeks challenge  is feet. These feet are of my aunt and her pedigree puppy taken at a kennel club meet. The puppy won Best Puppy in Show.



Ashley Sisk

These are such cute little feet. Love it.


What a sturdy little hind end! the puppy's!
I'm glad you have your camera ready, you've gotten some nice shots. I never remember mine and I'm afraid if I lose the purse, there goes my camera too!


Wow what a good look'n dog.
No wonder it won.
Great shot.

The OriginalPsyn

I remember the dog show days. When I was little my parents bred and showed Lhasas. I have some great memories of raising cain in the show circuit. Great job and adorable dog.

J Bar

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Manang Kim

Oh wow your shots are amazing. And my favorite is the first one. Happy weekend!


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