Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magpie Tales #29

This is a prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at:

Molly stood looking at the windows of the house. She had a good view through the trees and could see quite easily all the comings and goings of Marie and Doug, the owners. It was nearly dark and there was no movement coming from the inside of the house. Not that Mollie was overly worried, Marie and Doug worked in the city and had very busy jobs, and if they were caught in traffic it could be dark before they were home.

Molly liked to keep an eye on the house during the day, it was important to her to know that Marie and Doug could go to work each morning and leave everything in her care. She took the responsibility very seriously and would make a point of walking around the house several times a day, checking under bushes and around the garden, every now and then walking up to the front door and around the back "just in case" there was something she should be aware of.

Just as she was about to do one final check around the house she heard the unmistakable sound of  car tyres crunching on the gravel driveway. Turning her head she saw that Marie and Doug were finally home. Molly made her way down the front stairs walking towards Marie, who was fumbling in her handbag for the house keys.

Marie looked down at her and said, "Hi Mollie girl, how's your day been, have you been keeping an eye on things while we have been at work?"

Mollie rubbed herself against Marie's legs and let out a string of "welcome home" trills and meows, as Marie picked her up and gave her a big kiss and cuddle. "Yes I know, it's hard work being in charge, but we're home now, time for you to relax," Marie said. And relax Mollie did as she turned on her back in Marie's arms and waited for her tummy to be rubbed, all the time purring contentedly..


Brian Miller

i imagine my Miko feels the same way..she is scratching at the door now...nice magpie...

T Opdycke

What a charming writing. We have three furry watch cats, perhaps one is on the look-out while the other two romp, play, or sleep.


Interesting little story! I've had my share of cats in the past.

Words A Day

Such a warm piece of writing. At first I thought Molly might be sinister but quickly saw she wasnt! I read it as a dog though not a cat..

Words A Day

Untill the meows of course!

Evette Mendisabal

Great piece Mum. Very clever.

Angie Muresan

Very nice Magpie. For a while there I was worried that it might turn creepy.


Lovely Magpie!


I was wondering who'd be going around the house a few times a day checking under the bushes!
A cat!
That's who.
Great stuff.


so that's what my kitty would do while I was gone! Good kitty!
Great Magpie.


Molly's surely a good watch-cat. I could use one of those sweet things. Nice tale.


Delightful ending! Nice.

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