Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

I have had to search my archives for my shadow shots for this week. Even with early signs of Spring, the sun has not been out long enough to capture decent shadows. These were taken last month when we visited the Auckland Museum.  WWII "doodlebug" the flying bomb that caused death and destruction over London during the second world war. It hangs suspended from the ceiling at the beginning of the War Memorial Gallery, I had no idea just how big these things were. It was an ominous sight.


Ashley Sisk

Very cool shots!


The shame of such a design is that the science of aerodynamics was used to cause such misery. Happily, the lessons of flight like this were transferred to many civilian uses. Wartime so often brings technological changes in a hurry to often bad results...


Great Shadow Shots! You have a very nice blog and after church I will come back and read more!!! Thanks for commenting on mine.

Paula Scott

Hopefully, you didn't have to 'sneak' these shots! If there wasn't the reference of the plane to tell us what made the shadow, it would be hard to guess just by looking at the shadow alone.


Great shot but it raised the hairs a bit as I can still remember what they sounded like!.


Great pic's.


Yes-ominous indeed. It is strange how it has been given such a sweet sounding name too.

Evette Mendisabal

Great shadows Ma!!

Beverley Baird

Great shots of the planes. I am always amazed at where shadows lurk and how much I am drawn tothem now!

Lisa's RetroStyle

I love the colors...or lack of them in these photos. Very nice.


doodlebug...such a whimsical name for such a destructive invention : (

The Summer Kitchen Girls

These shadows are amazing Angela! My son loves everything WWI & II - I will make it a point to show him these!!

Manang Kim

Oh wow the first photo I thought it's a rice field. Beautiful skies you've got here. Thanks for sharing!



I've never seen the real thing.
Thanks for this post.
The bomb is scary, but the Scud missiles we saw incoming were a lot bigger. Let's hope the Scuds are only in museums someday.

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