Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

My Shadow shots this week were taken on my way to work on a glorious sunny but cold morning.

                                                            Historic Judas Tree- Plaque beside the tree reads:

 Grown from seed collected by Sam Allen, when he was wounded in Sangro Valley, Italy during the World War II. His mother planted the seed in Parnell, Auckland City. In 1948 Sam's brother and his wife brought the tree to Wellington St, Pukekohe, and later to this site in 1952.

Such a fantastic speciman, I love the gnarled trunk and branches. I am going to watch the tree over the next few months to see what the blossoms look like.


ain't for city gals

When I see shadows now I think of you..

Ashley Sisk

I love the shadows and I still need to remember to look for shadows. I sometimes try so hard to avoid the shadows that I forget how beautiful they can be.


I can't imagine 'cold' right now in central Oregon .... your shadow shots are magnificent!!!!!


That is one amazing looking tree. I have never seen it before or if I have I haven't noticed it. Great shots Ma


Man look at that cool tree.


The tree is truly gnarly. However, this is a tree that winds around like a vine, and adds not a stately character, but a wild one instead. A curvaceous beauty!

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

What an amazing tree; it looks as if it has tales to tell. I really love it!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What a cool tree - all of those twists and turns - it just makes you WANT to go climb it!! The history of it is pretty amazing as well!!

Paula Scott

I have never heard of or seen a Judas tree. I hope you post the blossoms too in a few months! Great shots!

Hey Harriet

What a magnificent looking old tree! I agree with Paula. Post some pics of the blossoms too! Have a great week :)


Interesting tree with a history!

Nancy E

Your intitial shot is awesome.... and I love churches AND TREES! so that bottom shot with the trees I really enjoyed.

Nice work!


What a marvelous Judas tree and what a history!

Thanks for your visit to Jerusalem.


This old tree looks so interesting. Lovely shots!

Sweet Repose

I love gnarly old trees. When I lived in Florida we had so many cool ones, like the strangler fig, it is awesome...and deadly to it's host tree and the live oak trees, they were fabulous, just like in the movie Gone With the Wind! Do show us the blossoms!

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