Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

A few weekends ago we visited our local very small zoo and wildlife sancutary. More a sanctuary than a zoo the Franklin Zoo takes on animals that other zoos and sanctuaries are unable to look after, either because the animals are getting too old, are recovering from injuries or operations. It was a cloudy day with little splashes of sunshine for shadows shots..

I couldn't resist this little fellow's shadow..

Have a great week


Greyscale Territory

Strong shadows cast by the zebra and doves, but I especially love the shadow detail of the creepy crawlie!


Great shadows. The macro one is my favorite!


zebras are awesome the photos...

Evette Mendisabal

Ka UTE!!

Sylvia K

Love your shadow shots for the day, Angela! The zebra is so beautiful! And the birds and that little critter are so cute! Fun shadow shots! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



The zebra seems to have shadowy stripes over his flanks - as he leaves an impressive shadow on the ground. The birds are not large of themselves, but seem to double in size when their shadows are figured in. The ant is now not as small, but his shadow adds a heft he was lacking. All nice shots!


I love the last one.

Beverley Baird

What a great range of shadows - from huge to tiny! The ant's is perfect!
have a great weekend!


Great shadows! I just read your information, I missed TaeKwonDo so much, I haven't practice for more than ten years, I don't know if I can still kick at least 45 kick :).
Have a nice day!

Manang Kim

I love taking pictures of animals, oftentimes there shadows are weird ^_^ but cool! Happy Sunday!


Shadows follow the zebra in more than one way. Marvelous creature. The ant's shadow was a great find.

Bonnie Bonsai

Very lovely shadows especially that one of the ant. :)

Hey Harriet

I like the sound of that zoo. I wish I could visit! The zebra sure looks well cared for by the state of his tubby tummy. Cute!


Lovely shots. The zebra looks so clean and fresh in the sunlight, the pigeons are lovely colours and the little ant is so sweet!


Cute shots!
Happy SSS from Casablanca!

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Gallery Juana

pretty zebra and shadow


Great shadows ma love the last one


Love all the shadows. Great shots.

Paula Scott

That fellow may be little, but it's made a big impression! Don't you wish the Zebra's shadows had stripes too?

Lisa's RetroStyle

Nice shadow shots! And I really love that little ant dude!! I have such a hard time with the tiny do it very well!!

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