Friday, August 27, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Check out the link to see other great shots:

The weeks just seem to be flying by, it's Friday again and these are my photos for this week.
Last Saturday, we were on our way home at about 5.30pm it was still daylight and the sunset was stunning..

Early on Wednesday morning we had a beautiful sunrise, it was definitely "Red sky in the morning sailors warning" because later in the day we had a huge storm.. and it's been very grey since then..

 Enjoy your weekend everyone..


J Bar

Awesome sky shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Luna Miranda

wow! these are absolutely beautiful photos! the sky in on fire!

ain't for city gals

Gorgeous..takes your breath away!


Man you capture the best skies.
I asked my other mate who lives in Auckland if she was happy it's Spring and she said it was raining and cold and no signs.
I told her I'd believe her except my other friend (you) posted pic's of blossoms the other day.
Is it just in your back yard? ;)

Beverley Baird

These are simply gorgeous photos! What lovely colours in the skies!


Lovely skies, we spent three days in Waiuku and the house was nice. Lots of flowers.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

These are amazing Angela
(I forgot about that's been a while since I've heard it!)


A lovely sky indeed.

Evette Mendisabal

Beautiful colours Mum.


postcard perfect! I love it.

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