Monday, August 2, 2010

Random pics from July..

My random pic folder is in major need of a clean-up,  I really need to do something with all the photos that are there. Here are a few shots I took during July that  you may enjoy..

My poor husband has gotten used to me taking my camera with me everywhere, what he hasn't quite got used to yet is when he is driving along the road minding his own business and I yell out. "STOP! there's a .... that I want to take a shot of. This particular day I had seen a sign for a Cat Show and just had to stop and go take a look. This magnificent boy was on display, he was huge, and ever so gentle.
This shot was taken at the Wintergardens, in Auckland City.

Part of the school display at the Auckland Museum.

The wild, wild, west. The westerly winds blow pretty strong in our area.


Evette Mendisabal

That's one good looking cat!! very regal looking.


Man I can't believe that tree at the bottom.


a curious cat...

Ashley Sisk

I had no idea you were following me so thank you for commenting on my blog and bringing me over here to check you out. I'm now following you and look forward to you joining me in the photo hunt!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hey Angela! That cat looks almost regal sitting there!! Love that last shot - the way the tree is bending - the color of the trunk & that vibrant green grass!!


Love the kitty cat I imagine if he could talk he would have a posh accent and would look down the end of his nose at all the commoners hahahahhaha great photos ma!!

Mama Mandolin

Awesome idea! Aww look at his little tail! Haha I want a puppy now. Oh wait, I have two children who will be crawling in a few months. Nevermind.

Thanks for entering!


Your photography is great!! Love the cat picture and the windblown tree. Looks like you are a pro!

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