Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday for this week:

                                                           MOOD - Relaxed

Our very relaxed cat, watching me posting on my blog yesterday...

                                                   SOMETHING MASCULINE  ( From my Archives)
My Husband's Honda CBR 1100cc  Blackbird. After me this is the other woman in his life..

                                                     SOMETHING FEMININE

Poster I saw at the hairdressers yesterday..

                                                                 FIRST INITIAL - A

Went to the beach for a walk this afternoon, I found this feather in the sand and used it for my initial..


I love the steeple and bell tower at this church ..

Thanks Ashley for hosting. Join us for next weeks Scavenger Hunt



It must be fun to do a photo scavenger hunt. YOur cat looks just like my cat Tiger-and like her in temperament too!

Ashley Sisk

Glad you joined in - these are great. I love your kitty...that's what mine looks like most of the day.


I love your feminine shot, great job!!


i agree on the feminine shot! love that relaxed cat too.


They're all fabulous!


I love your architecture shot: natural and man made! Beautiful.


Wow - I am blown away by how creative everyone is on this challenge/scavenger hunt link!
The feminine shot is fabulous!


Hi ANgela....great photos here and I love your Shadow Shot Sunday!!

Guess what, you won my Giveaway competition :)
You can send your details to me @


Jeanne :)


Great takes on the themes for this week! I especially like the motorcycle shot.


I LOVE your mood shot! the epitome of a cat! The way you cropped your masculine shot is really creative as well.

And that tree you posted in your last post - that's amazing!!!


I love the cat shot, so relaxed :)


Hi Angela,
This Scavenger Hunt would be a fun thing to do! Nice shots! We need to watch cats to learn how to relax!!

Wish I could send you a warm summer breeze!!

I'm adding my name to Follow your blog!

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