Monday, August 23, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The days have gone so quickly I can't believe it's that time again. Here are my shots for this week:

1)   Leading Lines - Taken while at the Auckland Zoo

2) Something comfortable - My boots that I have lived in this Winter, the best purchase ever

3) Feet - Love this shot of Burma the elephant crossing her feet

4) Sight - Sign outside local Opticians

5) Sweet - This would be the shot that was the most fun. One of my clients and friend Alison owns
 The Chocolate Shoppe in Pukekohe. When I went to take photos of chocolates, she insisted
  that we have some fun with warm liquid chocolate.  We added a piece of marshmallow.

      It was so nice to drink after we had finished.

Thanks for hosting Ashley.    Join us for next weeks Scavenger Hunt



Love your interpretations! The elephant's feet is AWESOME!! ;D


Great photos but LOVE the chocolate. Nothing to watch on TV so put CHOCOLAT the movie on to watch ..then I find your post.. Mmmmmm!


Great interpretations! Love that elephant!!

Thanks for your kind comment on mine. :-)

Ashley Sisk

These are great hands down favorite is those elephant feet. Incredible shot.


Great shots man.
Those boots look really nice and I love that first shot.
Some days I need a shot of chocolate ;)


omg, elephant feet? okay, now i've seen it all. these are fantastic! great job!!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama

The leading lines is great! My sister lives in New Zealand. I believe they're in Wellington right now.

Amber Ellen

Your leading lines is great, and I LOVE that elephant feet shot. Great captures!
These scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, it is great to see what everyone comes up with!


great shots! I love the elephant feet. AWESOME!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Thanks for taking us on "the hunt" with you! We are in love with your boots...they do look terribly comfortable - being that fall is heading towards us, we can't help but think boots - ha! When you find that fence - you'll have to let us know, it sound very fun!!
Have a great week Angela!
Karla & Karrie


Great chocolate shot mum.....yummo!!


Nice boots! I will soon be getting mine out again after today's offering from the weather! The chocolate looks good too!


what a fun post.
I love watching elephants in the zoo.
u make it online, how divine!


Spring in your part of the world means fall then winter in mine.

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