Friday, May 7, 2010

ABC of Pictures - Letter P

P is for....   Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan and I have a history together, when I was 10years old, I was given the book of Peter Pan and I fell in love with the story of the boy with no mother and the Lost Boys living in Neverland. I loved that the Darling children had a dog as a Nanny. I believed that Tinkerbell was real, and that she along with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys gave Captain Hook and the pirates a hard time. The Tick Tock of the clock in the crocodiles stomach always made me nervous. I have to say that I loved this story, still do and probably always will.

I found this book in our local book store, and there was no way that I was not going to buy it.   The book as been published to celebrate 100 years of Peter Pan.  Below are two of the numerous illustrations, they are exquisite.

I will read the book, it will not sit unread on our book shelves. Hopefully, I will get a chance to read  this book to Emma, she is a huge fan of Peter Pan and Wendy and of course Tinkerbell.

This book is what I call an "Heirloom Book", and will given to Emma on her 18th birthday, as I know that she will love this as much as I do.


Evette Mendisabal

Mum it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! The illustrations are to die for! I know how much this story means to you, and your own personal history has a lot to do with that I think. Emma is going to love it, I think it is such a wonderful idea to make it an heirloom treasure to pass down. I hope Emma will feel the same way and that it will be passed on to her own child or grandchild some day.

Love you Mum! You're the best!!!


Wow what a find.
I loved Peter Pan as well. I always wished and wished I was Wendy and was secretly in love wiht Peter Pan


What a beautiful book, very enchanting.

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