Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

The weather has not been that great the last few days. When it has been sunny, I have been too busy to look for shadows. Today is no exception, it is cold, with no sun all day and we now have that cold sleety rain that means it is snowing somewhere down south. Yes, in this part of the world if it's cold it means something nasty is happening down south, near the Antarctic.
So my Shadow Shot Sunday for this week are from some shots taken a few weeks ago.

 I love these old trees with their moss covered trunks.

I love the way the shadows from the leaves above are on the tree trunk.

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:



Great shots.

Hey Harriet

Nice! I love how airy and light the second photo is, and the texture of the old tree in the first photo is amazing! I hope you have a great week. One with a little less rain :)


I like old trees too.
It looks so clean over there... I remember when visited NZ - it was clean...not like here or Egypt...So much to learn.

Happy SSS from Casa,
have a great week ahead!



Nice tree shadows Ange. I like trees too ;-)


Brrr snow.......
Great tree shadows. Like you I really like the way the shadows from the leaves are on the tree trunk.... besides that I love the blue sky!


Silver Birch? Love the shots. Thanks for your visit.


Old or new, I love your shots. That tree is so beautiful.

Beverley Baird

Those trees are so textured - love the shadows they create!


I especially like the second photo, Angela. The speckles on the truck and the delicate speckle of leaves higher up evoke a strong sense of movement.

Manang Kim

It's beautiful shadow shot. It's not obvious there is not so much sun. Happy Sunday!

SSS~Giant me

Lynda Howells

love your images for Shadow shot sundayx lyndax

Sweet Repose

Wonderful tree shots! We finally got the warm weather we been begging for, 90 today in Iowa, I just can't make myself come in out of the sun...but I gotta freeze the bucket of strawberries I just I go!


What wonderful shadow trees..happy week ahead :)

Evette Mendisabal

Nice Mum! Great shots.

Lisa's RetroStyle

Lovely shadows and I really like that gnarly old trunk too!

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