Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - My garden is confused!

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The weather here has been unseasonably warm, even for Autumn. We are officially in a drought situation and we need rain. Well this week the rain arrived, and my garden has become a bit confused.

These are Jonquils, and are a Spring flower, confused Spring bulbs do you think? Not a lot of shadows but they are cute little flowers.

My Aloe plant has started to grow again, it has never looked this happy in Autumn. We had just had a shower of rain, and the raindrops were just sitting on the leaf in the sunshine.
This rose bush just keeps on flowering, and has small buds starting to form. It's May for goodness sake, another few weeks and I will be thinking about pruning them.

And my Camellia tree, which is always heavily laden at this time of the year, has very few blossoms on it.
Confused do you think?


Martha Z

They seem unsure as to which hemisphere they are in.

Sweet Repose

My flowers have been a bit confused too, my daisies are blooming before my iris, that never happens. I wish I could send you some of my rain...I'm over it and more is on the way!!!


I so love that second shot!

Spider Bite Incident

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Evette Mendisabal

Ah, YEAH!! Love the Aloe shot Mum. Nice work.


LOL Funny stuff.
Great shots man.


Beautiful set of photos. I love your jonquils. I don't have jonquils in my garden yet. Great captures.

Have a great Sunday


Those are beautiful flowers. I especially like the white ones in the first photo. Your aloe plant doesn't look the same as what I'm used to seeing.


O for Awesome mum, I am in love with the Aloe shot!!!

Hot Fudge

Those poor flowers don't know what's around the corner for them! We had a delightful week in Christchurch and the first day was quite warm, but the next day had us poor Brisbanites adding layers of warm clothing like an onion. We loved it so much and will HAVE to return soon.

Hey Harriet

I love the Aloe plant with the raindrops! So pretty! I bet it gets really chilly in NZ during winter! Hope you have a great week :)


Confused - yes! It's warmer in Finland than in Casablanca! :)
Confused - yes! You have autumn and soon we should have summer! :)

Great shots!

Happy SSS and have a great week ahead!



Confused or not they are pretty! Our weather has been freezing-we have even had frosts!
I liked your magpie tale below too!


heading into fall... my favorite season! I do enjoy springtime but that means summer is coming too. And summer with its hot humidity is not so enjoyable.

Pretty white jonquils! Nice shadow on the Aloe too. I loved the Toetoe in your earlier post. Beautiful!

So nice stopping by!
Kindly, ldh

Maggie B

confused or not they are all very pretty!

Diane AZ

I love all of your plants and flowers, but the aloe with water drops looks stunning. :)


I like your post and your photography very interesting

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Those spring flowers seem to be glowing in that first picture - wow!
Love your aloe plant picture, greens, shadows & water droplets (with shadows as well!) Perfectly wonderful!


everything is beautiful!

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