Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a weather BOMB!!

For the past four days, since Sunday, and it's now Wednesday we have been experiencing what the weather "Gurus" are calling a weather bomb. Gale force southerly winds that are freezing cold, in fact last night the wind was so fierce I thought that our little house was going to topple over.

Black clouds all heavy with rain. Very little sun, just lots of rain., with more rain on it's way.
Oh yes, it's Winter in Auckland. I got home from work tonight at 5.30pm, and the moon was out and the clouds were gathering for another storm.

 "And the Outlook for Thursday..your guess is good as mine".. just like that great 80's Kiwi classic by Dave Dobbyn. I found it on You Tube for you all to enjoy.



Great post mum, that Song is so fitting "promise the warmest winter fire when outside it's freezing cold" love the photos too Ma

Evette Mendisabal

Those clouds are amazing! Great shots Mum.
You and Sam seem to have a theme going here with all your weather/winter shots.


LOL That song brings back memories for sure.
I know this is a pain to you, this weather, but I really miss it.
But if I was living home I know I'd feel the same way as you.
Great shots.

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