Monday, May 17, 2010

ABC of Pictures - Letter V

V is for.....  Views! Views! Views!

The view from the top of the hill, on our lunch break, on the Mangawhai Walking Weekend in March. Those little dots down in the water are surfers. This photo has had no editing the water really was that vibrant blue. Mangawhai is a two hour drive north of Auckland city..
This photo was also taken at the top of the hill in Mangawhai, looking in the opposite direction up the peninsula. This was such a beautiful spot to sit and have lunch.
Kariotahi Beach is a stunning surf beach, with black sand and a wide beach. The beach is used by surfers, hang gliders, para-gliders and horse riders. It is a ten minute drive from our house, in Waiuku.
These photos were taken on the hill above the beach, on a cool and cloudy Autumn afternoon.

In contrast to the photos taken at Mangawhai, which is on the east coast, north of Auckland, Kariotahi Beach is on the west coast, south of Auckland with the surf rolling in from the Tasman Sea.



Wow, all amazing!

Evette Mendisabal

I REALLY miss those views ... although the mountains are so bad ... just not the beach.




what gorgeous photo images!
I would love to be in it.


Oh how I envy you! I am a true blue ocean lover, my husband however, couldn't care less about it:(

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