Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magpie Tale #12

 This is the prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at :
Some people write short vignettes, some write short poems

First time for me, I had to have a go... here it is:

The old lady sat and watched, as they packed all her things into boxes. Strangers, who knew nothing about her life, her family, her memories. "Can't take it all with you, Mum" is what the children said, as they started to sort through her things, deciding on her behalf what would stay and what would go.

They can take away what they want, but they're not taking this, she thought to herself as she stroked the coolness of the glass as it sat on her lap under the blanket. Harry gave this to me on our first wedding anniversary, I promised him that I would keep it with me forever.



I don't understand what this is.


Sorry Melissa, I forgot to put the photo in with it so that you will understand now...

I hope

Evette Mendisabal

That's awesome Mum.

You need to put the link back where the meme started and also put the photo they gave you as a prompt too.

Do you need help? Let me know.


Thanks for your help Evette, what a huge learning curve I am having in doing all this fun stuff.

Never too old to learn though!!



I loved this! Lots said with few words...nice job!

Martha Z

I came for the shadows which were good but you short short tale is a gem.


Dear Faithphil: Very happy to meet your aquaintance. New Zealand? Wow! I'm in Canada. I love your story! How sensitive your portrait of the women as an old person approaching that time in her life when she is (probably) being admitted to a nursing or retirement home. As she is holding onto her one last possession; a present from her husband on her first anniversary. The paperweight gives her that needed "weight" or reminder of the life she shared with her husband. Now she is leaving her home, closing a book on her old life with all memories stored in that one special item. As she moves into a new phase of her life she will need something to remind her and comfort her of her husband's eternal love. Very explicitly real, this could be anyone's mon, grandma or self. Indeed a very touching and human experience story. Full of life's bitter and sweet memories. Such is life! Let's make the transition smooth for our elderly. Our parents and all elderly deserve so much respect and love!


A lovely and poignant piece - I enjoyed the read!


Welcome to Magpie --- I enjoyed your story well done and oh so true isn't... good read,



Welcome to the gang - enjoyed this!


This was especially touching, since my mother in law just passed away and her belongings are being dispersed. Glad to see you jumped on the Mag wagon!

Brian Miller

welcome to magpie. you did marvelously. nice the memories we attach to those precious things we are given...


An impressive "first" Magpie, Angela. Those moments you describe are among the most painful in a long life.


May she hold this forever! She's sweet and strong!! Thank you...


This story had such a sadness about it, how sad that they didn't give her a choice of what was to go what was to stay.. good on her to keep it hidden I would have too!


little hat

Lovely story. I wonder what she was given for her second anniversary? Perhaps she has a collection of these.


Short, but very good.


It's sad that they lost touch with her feelings, that happens so often. Even if you get rid of it all, you will miss something, keeping something to remind you is important.


This made me feel kind of sad..brought back recent memories of having to empty out my mom's apartment following her heart attack and stroke and admission to extended care. Here, three months later, she still doesn't know who we are. In some ways, I guess it's best. At 86, she would be so irate at having to end up like this, minus life as she knew it.

Ronda Laveen

Nice to meet you. Your magpie was delicious. I like how she claimed her past and who she was.


sweet memories,
beautiful job!


mine is here,
thank you for reading it.

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