Friday, May 14, 2010

Magpie Tale #14

This is a prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at :

Some people write short vignettes, some write short poems:

Here is my contribution this week:

Sarah Browne stood in front of the door of the classroom and listened to the noise coming from the thirty-two 15year olds who were waiting for her to supervise their exam. Memories of the beginning of her time at the school sprang to mind as she remembered how keen she was when she first started. Straight out of training college, full of energy, "bright eyed and bushy-tailed" ready to take on the world and influence all those young minds. Now five years on, there she was standing at the door, listening to the turmoil that was going on on the other side , thinking to herself, "What am I doing here, they really don't care what I'm there for, they really only care about themselves"
Sighing, she turned the doorhandle, took a deep breath and walked in. She walked towards her desk and placed her briefcase and laptop on the desktop. She turned and surveyed the class, it was bedlam. There they were, all talking loudly, trying to outdo each other , in their little groups. Texting, tweeting, facebooking on their fancy laptops. "Oh well," she thought, "Better get on with it, the sooner we get started the better".
She picked up the ruler and started tapping on the desk, slowly and softly at first, then getting faster and louder, at the same time shouting out "Ok everyone, let's quiet down, and pay attention." As she expected there was no response. She said it again, this time much louder, almost bellowing and banging the ruler on the desk, "Let's have some quiet, PLEASE!!" Slowly but surely they all started to quieten down.
"Thank You" she said. "As you know, today is your first exam," Groans arose from the class, and a few of them rolled their eyes.Taking no notice she continued. "I am going to hand out your papers, you can start as soon as you receive them, and remember you have two hours to complete the paper."  In a matter of moments there was a semblance of quiet as they all turned their papers over and stared at the exam. Slowly but surely they all picked up their pens and made a start on the paper before them.

Sarah  returned to her desk, took a quick look over the room to check that everyone was busy, and opened up her laptop. She  clicked open her Blog, and felt her pulse quicken as she scrolled down to what she was looking for. There it was, what she had been looking forward to all day.

Magpie Tales #14 - write a short poem or vignette on the image above, and good luck, Willow.



Interesting...good subtle inclusion of thoughts and feelings...


Oh the wonderful world of blogging ... the perfect escape!


Is THAT what teachers do during exams?!

Evette Mendisabal

Awesome Mum. I love how you incorporated the plate into the story without actually mentioning it at all! Love it!

Brian Miller

haha. i still have nightmares about exams...i too love the subtleness of the plate. great magpie!


If that was my reality, then I would have quit teaching a long time ago....thankfully, I have not had to deal with such craziness...

PS I don't blog at school. :)


How do we know exactly what she was looking at on her laptop?:-)


Oh, how clever you are! This is great!


I'm still waiting to hear what happened to skinny!! This is getting the imagination going though :-) what a clever mum u are


I have a strong suspicion that is what teachers do during exams. They certainly go on their laptops, if not their blogs ( they have blogs?)!
I always feel bad for young teachers...they just didn't know what they were getting in to, now did they?


This definitely is sly..and lots of fun...thanks!


what a fun tale,
she quieted her students, she herself started her own mischief...

fun read!
magnificent magpie!


Ha, ha, this is awesome! Very tactful way of slipping the prompt into the story.

Angie Muresan

I guess she wants to be in that classroom just as much as her students do.

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